What Paint and Sip Parties mean to Kids in Sydney

Kids and their families can all have a swell time when they find the correct paint and sip party in Sydney. These parties have tremendous energy with fun, while children will do anything to have those two things. Although adult paint and sip Sydney parties may be well organized in planning and providing all the needed materials, children may not give you that luxury. In other words, paint and sip parties can get very messy, disorganized and stir up your creative abilities. 

It can also provide a platform and an excuse to come outside and have fun, especially during the colder weather conditions. Meanwhile, adults already know what’s in such paint parties for them. But kids playing with some of the washable acrylics and getting to run wild with their imaginations may be another level of it. So, first of all, what are the materials that we need to put in place to prepare for hosting kids for a paint and sip party?

Needed materials for paint and sip parties for kids in Sydney

  • Fresh paints of fanciful colors
  • New sets of paintbrushes. Paintbrushes represent a crucial part of your paint and sip party in Sydney. But then, don’t underestimate how kids can in no time exhaust the brushes in just one paint party. So, I will suggest staying on one side to help as many kids as possible to rinse their brushes as many times as possible. You will still need to prepare time for the after-party cleanup exercise. And kids will also need help ensuring that no tool dries up unwashed while there are still paints on them. 
  • Paper plates or palettes. Note that paint palettes are available from many craft and supply stores. On the other hand, you can even order them from significant eCommerce stores. There are two standard palettes: the classic wooden oval one and the plastic palettes with divided wells. On the other hand, if you will like a cheaper option, you should buy paper plates. And to create an extra appeal, use a utility knife to make a thumb hole in the palette, which can allow a better hold with more fun for kids. 
  • Canvas, and not paper, no matter how high quality. Who knows the level of pleasure you will be giving them when they get to work on actual canvas?
  • Easels to hold their canvasses in place. It is very crucial to have easels which can be scary when you need to buy them in multiples. Alternatively, you can improvise an extended easel that can fit a long table and accommodate not less than four different canvasses for the kids. It may require using bolts, dowels, and some scrap boards to achieve that.
  • Water cups for cleaning brushes at intervals
  • Paper towels for the final cleanup
  • Aprons to cover their clothes before painting begins

The Theme for the Paint and Sip Party for Kids 

There are two ways to get kids to work during a paint and sip party in Sydney. First, you can create a theme for the night and encourage the kids to think creatively. Their jobs will be to paint an imagination or idea to that chosen theme. On the other hand, you can select a simple but professional artwork, and the kids will now replicate the artwork in their way. In both cases, the kids need to bring out their creativity and do their best. 

Helpful tips for kids’ paint party

Below are some tips that can help your kids have a great time during the paint and sip party in Sydney.

  • Teach them to sketch with a pencil first to create an outline for the painting. This process will help the kids to plan their vision and execute it accordingly
  • Have a hairdryer near you during the exercise. The essence of the hairdryer is to enhance the drying up of the paint at intervals to prevent smudging together the layers of paint. When you blast the artwork at intervals during the process, you can have a neater output. 
  • Encourage the kids to add their names to their finished artwork. The term can be on the wooden frame where the canvas is attached or the lower corner of the painted canvas itself. 
  • Finally, kids also love photos, and after the party, you should take as many photos as possible. Create beautiful memories for them that they will be proud of in the nearest future. Let the kids stand together displaying their jobs, and you can encourage each of them to have a copy of the group photo. 

What makes the best paint party for kids?

You can throw a beautiful party for the kids with an excellent painting idea, some nice music, and many fun arrangements. The occasion maybe a birthday party, a camp, or any special day celebration for them. Below are some of the best kids’ packages for kids between the age of 3 and 18 years

  • Painting materials including prepped watercolor, canvas, brushes, aprons, paint, and painting instructions should be made available. After the exercise, encourage all the kids to do the cleaning together.
  • In a birthday, let the birthday kid include a complimentary ‘kid’ frame for each of the painters. But allow each kid to go home with their painting as a souvenir. 
  • Let them bring their piece of cake or cupcakes for the celebrations. Other items the kids could bring include pizza, snacks, and drinks from a typical list of birthday party menus for kids. 
  • According to the chosen theme, select items that match the theme. For instance, plates, cups, napkins, and utensils must work right into your theme. By implication, you may have chosen them before the D-day. 

If you plan to create an artist package for kids of ages six upwards, you may need a different collection of items. Below are some of the ultimate artist package for paint and sip birthday celebrations for such kids. 

  • Select a theme for painting using superheroes such as Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, movie, or novel characters. Examples include Anna or Olaf from Frozen, Cinderella, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty from Princesses. 
  • A painting size of 12 x 16 inches
  • A paint party lasts for about 3 hours, out of which 2.5 hours should be spent on painting while the remaining time can be used for parties.